CR Heating and Cooling Services in Fort Mill & Rock Hill, SC

CR Heating and Cooling Services in Fort Mill & Rock Hill, SC

Carolina Refrigeration (CR) provides a comprehensive service agreement that is vital to your system's health, longevity, your short- and long-term costs, and ensure faster repairs.

It could happen during the hottest week of the summer, or on the coldest night of the year. It could even happen right in the middle of the night. Breakdowns are like that – unpredictable and inconvenient. But with a CR Service Agreement, you can count on priority service and, rest assured, that the breakdown will not break the bank.

To increase the maximum life out of your system(s), it is best to make sure you have two inspections a year – one before the heating season and one before the cooling season. Our Maintenance Agreement gives you Tune-ups twice a year by our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. When you sign up you become our first priority! You'll receive discounts on repairs and become a Comfort Plus Member.

By having your heating and cooling system(s) properly maintained, you could add years to the life of your system(s) and save a substantial amount of money on your annual operating cost, thereby reducing your overall costs for heating and cooling.

Benefits of our Service Program

  • Comfort Plus Member gives you top priority - you move to the top of the service list
  • $200 rebate (on new equipment)
  • No overtime charges on service calls
  • 10% discount on repair parts


Number Systems Annual Cost

  1. $189
  2. $278
  3. $348
  4. $448

Tune Up's Include

  • Cooling season: (* Heating season)
  • Check, Start and Run Relays
  • Clean and Adjust Burners
  • Measure Gas Input
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Test and Clean Thermocouple
  • Set Manifold Gas Pressure
  • Clean Evaporator Coil As Needed
  • Evaluate Safety Controls
  • Tighten Electrical Connectors
  • Outdoor Coil Cleaning
  • Check Refrigerant Level (Freon)
  • Lubricate Fan Motors
  • Evaluate Duct Work
  • Measure Amp Draw of Motors
  • Condensate Drain Cleaning
  • Check, Start and Run Capacitors
  • Clean or Replace Filters (customer supplied)

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