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Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home Today!

At Carolina Refrigetation, we have a variety of products and services to help improve the indoor air quality in your home by removing dust and dander, improving odors, and even reducing bacteria, viruses and mold circulating in your home. If you have concerns about indoor air quality or would like to know how to improve poor air quality, please contact us today to meet or speak with a comfort specialist.

Solaris® indoor air quality products bring outdoor-like freshness to your entire home while making the air healthier by removing allergens, germs, and airborne toxins in the HVAC airstream.

The UVC-Advantage from Ultravation® cleans your HVAC system of mold and other biocontamination using germicidal UV-C light, a natural disinfectant. It works the same way UV light from the sun controls microorganisms outdoors. UVC-Advantage prevents bio-growth on HVAC components and keeps them clean 24/7.