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Air Conditioner Repair


Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance in Rock Hill

Keep Your Family Cool This Summer!

Does your house feel hot and humid inside, instead of refreshing and cool? Carolina Refrigeration is ready to provide you with best-in-class air conditioning service. Our professional technicians provide a full range of cooling services and are some of Rock Hill’s best technicians. If you suspect an issue with you AC unit, do NOT ignore it! Often times small issues if left unattended can turn into much larger issues.

Rock Hill AC Repairs You Can Trust

Carolina Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning’s focus has always been serving our local community. For over 20 years, we have been analyzing, diagnosing, and repairing air conditioners. Our technicians are not paid a commission on HVAC repair services. They are highly-trained and well compensated. Therefore, our goal is to quickly find and provide cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Importance of Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance

A savvy homeowner knows the importance of keeping their air conditioning system maintained. Today’s high efficiency system require regular maintenance just like your automobile. You wouldn’t drive your car for years without having the oil changed or tire rotated would you?

Routine Maintenance on your air conditioner will help:

  • Promote Energy Efficiency in Your Unit.

  • Prevent Damage & Prolong the Life of Your System.

  • Improve Reliability.

Our Preventative Maintenance Agreement offers two visits per year to keep your air conditioner and heater working at factory specifications. Our plan gives you peace of mind knowing you will receive priority service over non-PMA customers, a 10% discount on any repairs needed, and discounted diagnostic fees on service calls.